It’s Costly Gambling With Crucial Matters – Gambling

Gamble is nothing more than playing games of chance, especially for money, or to act in the hope of something being successful, true, etc., despite the risk of loss. Gambling is a thing one does with a risk of loss and chance of profit. The question that came into my mind as the subject of gambling is being discussed is this, should the issue of eternal consequence be handled as a game of chance? The answer should have been ‘NO’, yet it is very obvious that, many people today, especially, in the Church are gambling with the eternal destination of their souls. There is life after death. Death is not the end. After death comes judgment and all will be there to give account of how they have lived their lives here on earth.Eternity is time without end, a very long time that seems endless. Eternity is the same as everlasting, forever, time without end, endless ages. There are two side of it. Eternity in bliss of heaven, and eternity in torments of hell. Entrance into the bliss of heaven at last is by choice and not a game of chance. Eternity is not one billion years, but an endless year; it is immeasurable and innumerable, and it is not timed but eternal. It is very unfortunate that many people are trading away their eternity with God as if it is within a limited time. It is heart-breaking as one sees people taking decision that involves their eternal destiny as if there is a second chance. Jesus’ counsel on striving to enter heaven should be given serious consideration, especially this time.Man is a composite being, made up of the body, the soul and the spirit. The body is housing the soul which houses the spirit. The soul and the spirit of man does not die. A man’s soul is worth more than the whole world put together. Lack of this knowledge will make one to play the game of chances as Esau did. Judas and Demas sold their eternity in hell because of material gain. Understanding of eternity and the worth of your soul will make you not to sell the truth you have bought and to refuse the enticing words of sinners, as well as guarding jealously what you have to ensure that your faith is not overthrown by the sleight of man who lie in wait to deceive.One of the major characteristics or traits of those who gamble with their eternity is strong attachment to the mundane. The devils know this and so will use things that relate to the flesh and the world as bait. He said to God, who boasted about job’s integrity and faithfulness, that a negative touch on his material things and family will make him to curse God. In the Bible, Esau gambled away his birthright in order to satisfy the immediate need of the flesh and blood which will not enter into heaven. Demas was a victim of attachment to the flesh, which lusts against the spirit. The easy victims of deception of Satan’s last days’ strategy are those given to things that satisfy the need of the flesh, such as miracles, material blessings, wealth, healing, and the devil takes advantage of wrong focus to mislead and overthrow the faith of the unwary. You need to persevere in the faith, otherwise an eternal irreparable mistake or slip or fall will occur. Remember that the devil is so clever and he does not appear as devil, so his ministers do not appear as ministers of Satan, but as ministers and angels of light. Your eternity is in your hand. You have to resolve to keep to the rule of running the race of life to a successful end and to work out your salvation with fear and trembling.